4 Easy Ways To Relief Headache

4 Easy Ways To Relief Headache

relief headache

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Having a headache is annoying and it’s sometimes difficult for us relief headache. Most of the time, when we are under pressure, headaches appear automatically. If it gets worse, we could faint because of the pain we felt.

A headache may be a condition of mild to severe pain within the head. It can also attack the upper back or neck. There are different types of headaches, but most of the time they are migraine pain caused by stress, too long in front of the computer, noise and others.


One of the main causes of headaches is tension in the muscles of the neck, scalp and jaw. We usually deal with it by getting some sleep or by taking over-the-counter aspirin to relieve our pain. However, can we do it anywhere? Of course, we can’t sleep in the office or at the mall. Also, we may have aspirin when we have a headache.

Don’t worry about it! The easiest way to manage headaches and we can do it anywhere is through migraine massage. Massage is the practice of applying pressure or vibration to the soft tissues of the body to heal wounds, relieve psychological stress, manage pain, improve circulation and relieve tension.

When we suffer from headaches, we will help ourselves with migraine massage. Manage headaches Simple and everyone can do it, whether at work or home.

what are the external factors of headache ?

You’d be forgiven for thinking migraines are horrible headaches. They can be, but you can have a migraine pain without much pain at all.

Instead, you might have trouble focusing at work or feel queasy or vomit. You might be particularly sensitive to light or find that you see zigzags.
Alleged regular headaches will cause heaps of pain. Still, they’re typically caused by numerous external factors, from tension and hunger to blocked sinuses, neck pain, or (worst-case scenario) tumours. And that’s as a result of migraines area unit associate heritable nervous disorder, and headache is simply one in all its symptoms.

External stimuli will typically trigger migraines, mainly once they accumulate (so you slept severely, area unit having a nerve-wracking day, and skip lunch, for instance). However, individuals with migraines have a sensitive brain that reacts to those intracranial pressure during an explicit means that’s still not entirely understood.

Here are four easy ways to massage To Relief Headache

1. Eye massage — Close your eyes. Place your middle finger on the eyes above the cheekbones. Massage this area gently but firmly in circular movements for 1 minute,

2. Eye to nose massage – With the thumb, move along the underside of the eyebrows (along the bone on top of the eye socket). Feel where this bone meets the edge of your nose and eyes and find a point where there is a small indentation to relief headache. Very gentle pressure, press your thumbs into the tips. You can do that fourfold by holding this area down for 10 seconds in each press.

3. Neck Massage — Massage a point where you can feel it by moving the middle finger of your hands to the back of your head and feel the base of your skull. Especially at the top of your neck, at the base of your skull. Massage for one minute with fingertips in gentle circular movements.

4. Scalp massage – Let your palms massage your scalp on top of your skull for one minute gently.
Once you’ve got done of these massages, start taking a deep breath. Lift your shoulders towards your ears for five to 10 seconds to alleviate the remaining pain, then allow them to fall back to their natural position To manage headaches.
You’ll feel better when you can do it several times. Your massages will relieve your headaches and your head will be lighter.

If you need, don’t hesitate to consult the neurology specialist doctor for individual advice.