7 Fastest Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

7 Fastest Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

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Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is sometimes known as the silent killer. Many people died because of a heart attack. Most of them were young and in good health but high blood pressure was the main reason for that. You may don’t know that your blood pressure is already above 120/80. This is why it is very important to know how to lower blood pressure. Should have proper diagnosis with best hematology hospital in Coimbatore in order to know the levels of blood pressures

Every day we eat all kinds of food. But did you know that what you eat reflects blood pressure? A kidney is one part of the body that cleans up all unwanted, dirty fluids and excess in your system. There are small cells in it that clump together to form a small filter and direct the liquid waste to the bladder out of your body in the form of urine. This is to keep the unique sodium and potassium balance. This balance has been disabled easily when there is an increase of sodium in the body and a corresponding increase in blood pressure that occurs as a result of an increase in body fluids. However, it can easily be avoided by not eating foods that contain a high percentage of sodium that usually found in canned and frozen foods

Lower blood pressure naturally needs a change in your lifestyle. Go out at a party or a night with the gang that has always been a part of enjoying life. However, it is wise to control smoking and drinking because too much alcohol in the body can easily lead to high blood pressure. Without spoiling the fun, follow this simple trick to reduce the consumption of alcohol. Choose alcohol that has low power or low alcohol content. With lots of beer and beverages in the market, this is never a problem so choose the lesser evils. If you cannot find one, try to add a mixer or water and lots of ice. Moreover, avoid peanuts and potatoes which you can order from the bar. The salt content in these snacks make you thirsty and make you want to drink again.

Lowering blood pressure naturally is the preferred method supported by the American Heart Association. They say that drugs are useful only when diet and exercise fail. So, why do doctors put you on the spot on high blood pressure medication even if you have pre-high blood pressure? The answer may be as simple as this is the way it is taught. However, if you agree with the largest organization in heart disease and you want to avoid the devastating side effects of drugs, changing your lifestyle and diet is the way to go. But if you want to start the program and reduce your blood pressure quickly, well here are some of the fast Ways to Lower Blood Pressure that will work better.

1. Aerobic Exercise

The fastest way to lower blood pressure is to do light exercise for 30 minutes a day every day. We are talking about a drop in pressure immediately upon completion of the exercise. Thirty minutes of brisk walking or cycling will not only lower your blood pressure as much as 4 points, but it will also strengthen the heart muscle and increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

2. Hydrate

Americans can get off the pot of coffee and cola issues but we do not take enough water to keep ourselves in good health. Water helps in reducing atherosclerosis and irritation of sodium, a couple of favourable qualities that can lower blood pressure. How much should you drink? To be adequately hydrated, you should consume half of your body weight, expressed in ounces per day. For example, if you consider £ 150 then you should drink 75 ounces of water every day. It is a great way to lower blood pressure

3. Apple cider vinegar

No research proves that apple cider vinegar (ACV) affects lowering blood pressure. No one knows for sure how it works, but according to many the cuts by 20 points or more in two weeks is common. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water a day is the typical dose.

4. Reduce the number of meals outside

The average American eats twice a day from the restaurant and it’s killing us. In addition to the large amount of fat that we consume, restaurants usually go crazy with salt. It’s not uncommon to find one meal in popular stores which contain multiples of the recommended daily allowance. Reducing that food will dramatically reduce the amount of sodium and fat which you consume.

5. Take garlic supplements

Garlic has been considered as a medical food even back to ancient Greece. Garlic is a source of antioxidants that prevent and help break down plaque in blood vessels, and also a natural diuretic. Garlic is also one of the few “natural” medicines that are effective to be consumed as a supplement rather than fresh. Be sure to check out the bottle and make sure you get the garlic and not mostly filler. This is a quick way to reduce the pressure, but the ultimate solution is to get a healthier lifestyle, which is a combination of exercise, diet, and stress reduction. It is almost as easy as a just pop pill every day, but you can heal it, not just to manage your high blood pressure.

6. L-Arginine

It is amino acids that help the body produce nitric acid. L-arginine can help lower blood pressure. It can be found in meat, soy, beans and wheat products. The study, which included taking two grams of L-arginine daily cut systolic blood pressure 20 points after taking the supplement only for a few days. Moreover, L-arginine can also lower cholesterol.

7. Increase the level of potassium

To balance sodium and salt in your body, you need to increase the level of potassium that is found in fruits and vegetables. You can also get the bonus of vitamins and minerals that are found in every fruit. Among fruits and vegetables that contain high potassium are bananas, fresh papaya, watermelon, pears, avocado, fruit juice and other sweet potatoes. 
There are many ways to lower your blood pressure. The ways above have been proven to lower blood pressure in some people, so you should try it, if possible have a consult with
hemotologist specialists That’s all the ways to lower blood pressure.