What causes bad breath in a child with healthy teeth?

What causes bad breath in a child with healthy teeth?

causes of bad breath

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I have a son who’s teeth are in perfect health and he brushes and rinses regularly. His causes of bad breath, on most occasions, manages to come out even just after brushing and rinsing. According to the Dentist it’s nothing to worry about, however, bad breath can’t be good in any aspect even if it is just a nuisance. Any ideas what this could be and how to prevent/stop it?

I doubt it is food. I have three other children all of which generally eat the same foods and none of them have this issue. the only difference is that my son goes to his mother’s house for a weekend at a time but even then the food isn’t much different. Also, as I mentioned, this problem presents itself even after brushing or rinsing with mouthwash. The mouthwash is even for adults… not quite as strong as Listerine but something similar.

Bad Breath

Bad breath”, or halitosis, is common in adults, but less frequently seen in children. When children have bad breath, it’s usually not due to a serious medical problem, although in rare cases it can be. What is the cause of bad breath

What causes bad breath in a child?

Tooth decay or lack of adequate tooth brushing allows bacteria to stagnate in the mouth – which leads to halitosis. This is one of the more common causes of halitosis in children. Eighty-five percent of bad breath in children comes from problems in the oral cavity.

The first priority is to form sure your child is brushing regularly, including his tongue – twice each day . Take a close look at your child’s tongue. Does it have a thick coating? The dead cells on a child’s tongue can harbor many thousands of bacteria that causes of bad breath. Be sure your child brushes the back of his tongue since this is the most common area where bacteria can hide.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, make a Orthodontic treatment for your child to check for tooth decay and to remove any plaque along the gum line that could be contributing to halitosis.

Another Cause of Bad Breath in Children:

  • This is one of the most common causes of bad breath in children. Secretions draining into the throat from infected sinuses or allergies are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.
  • If your child has nasal stuffiness, discoloured nasal mucous, night time cough, fever, facial swelling, or allergy symptoms, consult his paediatrician.
  • Rarely, a child will push a foreign body into his nose, which leads to halitosis.
  • Another cause of bad breath in children is a dry mouth from low saliva production. This isn’t as common in children, as in adults, but children who are anxious and nervous may not produce enough saliva.

Children WHO expertise acid reflux may additionally have unhealthy breath. This can be because of the regurgitation of abdomen acids and part digestible foods. If this can be a priority for your kid, please ask your child’s podiatrist to visualize if you would like to alter your child’s diet or if they have explicit medication. A couple of alternative causes of unhealthy breath may be associated with your child’s overall physical health.

Another contribution to unhealthy breath is also massive tonsils or adenoids. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids that sit at the rear of the throat will harbor immeasurable bacterium, resulting in exhalation. Massive tonsils also can be the reason behind snoring and apnea. Your kid may have to be evaluated by An Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist or ENT in severe instances.

Childhood bad breath can also be due to mouth breathing, medications, and not drinking enough fluids. Children who have asthma and breathe through their mouths more are predisposed to halitosis because their mouth dries out. Some autoimmune diseases can do it too, but these are more frequently seen in adults really need a Dentistry Treatment.